Meet Our Team


Jasen Frelot


Jasen is a community organizer, father, early childhood educator, and social justice advocate based in Seattle. Over the past three years, he has made Kids and Race a full time job. Having been featured in Parent Map Magazine and on NPR's Seattle affiliate KUOW, the program has served over 2000 people to date, and rising every month. His various actions around race and social justice have made front page news in Seattle and have been featured on the local news on numerous occasions. He has 15 years of experience working with children in various capacities.

Hannah Hong Frelot

Operations Manager

Hannah thrives on sharing her love of intersections between culture, racial and social justice, theory and practice. Her family and loving communities give her hope, life, and purpose. Working with children, education, and race, Hannah utilizes a critical eye towards art, media, and the construction of motherhood in order to create a better society for her family as well as the good of all. She supports mothering as a superpower and writes for radical healing and transformation.

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