Explore Seattle’s Black History with these Scavenger Hunt Sites

By Katharine Strange

Kids and Race is celebrating Black History Month with a fun game of Black History Scavenger Hunt all around Seattle. Join together with friends, other families, or your coworkers to compete. Read each clue and then head to that location. Take a photo at that site and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #blackhistoryscavhunt. The team with the most photos and shares will win a $500 grant to the community organization of their choice.

Here are your first five clues:

1. This park is named after a pioneer of rock guitar. One of Seattle’s most iconic musicians, his lyrics pay homage to places like Golden Gardens and Garfield High School, but this park is a little further south. Snap a photo doing your best air guitar by his iconic signature.

2. This has been called “the eighth best non-college basketball court in the country.” NBA players that have graced this court include Doug Christie, Jamal Crawford, Sean Kemp, Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, and Detlef Schrempf. Take a photo of someone on your team attempting a free throw.

3. This gem of a cafe keeps the spirit of the historically Black Central District alive. Owner Ice Dean sources local products, hosts community events, and serves up a mean waffle. Buy yourself a tasty treat and snap a photo.

4. This partner preschool of Kids and Race opened in Columbia City in 2017 and focuses on teaching Seattle’s tiniest citizens “social justice/empathy/inclusion.” Take a photo of two teammates hugging in front of its banner.

5. This dessert shop was the first place in Seattle to offer vegan ice cream. Its owner, Makini Howell, has been a vegan since the 70s. Indulge your sweet tooth and snap a photo.

NEED A HINT? Check out our Scavenger Hunt partner, The Intentionalist, for info on POC-owned businesses.