Final Five Clues for Black History Scavenger Hunt

By Katharine Strange

Kids and Race is celebrating Black History Month with a fun game of Black History Scavenger Hunt all around Seattle. Join together with friends, other families, or your coworkers to compete. Read each clue and then head to that location. Take a photo at that site and upload it to Instagram with the hashtags #blackhistoryscavhunt and #spendlikeitmatters. The team with the most photos and shares will win a $500 grant to the community organization of their choice.

Well, snowpocalypse threw a wrench into our February, but we want to at least give you all five more clues, for a total of 10. We’re also extending our Scavenger Hunt deadline until midnight on Saturday, March 9th. That gives your team 1.5 weekends to win this thing and bring home the big prize for your organization!

6. This tri-color flag was created in 1920 as a representation of Black Pride, and was later adopted as part of the Black Liberation movement of the 1960s. It adorns many of the crosswalks in the Central District. Take a photo of someone on your team in front of this flag or on one of the CD’s crosswalks.

7. Our next location is also in the Central District. This tapas bar and specialty market, owned by Joyce Hosea, offers bountiful cheese and meat platters along with delicious appetizers, soups, and salads. Snap a photo of one of your team members in front of their long deli counter.

8. Site number eight is our second #blackhistoryscavhunt stop featuring Seattle’s most iconic guitarist. Pose next to his statue and snap a pic.

9. This restaurant is hosting a special evening with The Intentionalist THIS TUESDAY, February 26th at 6pm. Lillian and Barbara serve up authentic southern cooking in a relaxed café atmosphere. Take a photo of their famous sweet potato pie.

10. Our final clue is a true work of art. This special Seattle Art Museum exhibit highlights the works of one of the first African American artists to receive major gallery representation in the United States. Snap a pic next to any panel in his iconic series. (Don’t forget free entry on first Thursday, 3/7!)

Happy hunting!