Kids and Race podcast, episode 102: "Bad" Schools, Standardized Testing, and Segregation

The Kids and Race blog editor, Katy Strange, is in studio. Katy and Jasen discuss a wide range of topics from school segregation to whose kids are stinkier!


(8:25) Nikole Hannah-Jones' article about how segregation is INCREASING

(11:40) Jasen and Katy discuss the difficulties with bussing

(18:56) the problems with standardized tests, John Oliver clip discusses standardized testing, also "Stamped from the Beginning" by Ibram X. Kendi

(24:53) how parents choose schools

(25:30) how segregation negatively affects all kids

(26:37) differences in parenting styles between white parents and parents of color "Unequal Childhood" by Annette Lareau 

(33:20) why parents ought to let their kids experience discomfort/adversity

(42:00) Jasen's experience with race-based bullying 

(45:15) is choosing a segregated school about academic achievement or our own discomfort?

Check out for more integration info and to get involved in your city!

To read Katy's original blog post, click here. For more information, you can check out her series for Medium "The Good Schools Project"

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