Which Kids & Race Workshop is Right for You?

By Katharine Strange

Kids & Race Part One: Changing the Narrative

Our lives are constantly being shaped by narratives, whether we’re conscious of them or not. Books, TV, movies, music, news media; they all impact the way we see ourselves and other people. In this workshop Jasen Frelot and guest speakers will disassemble the narratives that we are swimming in and how they impact our views on race.  This is a great introductory workshop for adults on how to be “color conscious” not “colorblind.” Bring your questions and get ready to explore topics around race in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment.

Kids & Race Part Two: Power and Privilege

Once we have begun to recognize the harmful narratives we’re surrounded by, the next question is, “what can we do about it?” In this insightful presentation, Jasen Frelot takes the audience through identifying different types of power and privilege that each person has, whether it be situational, individual, systemic, or visible. There’s nothing wrong with being privileged, and Jasen rejects the view that people should feel ashamed of their power or privilege. The question is, once you realize the power you have, how will you use it? This workshop complements Part One, but is equally accessible if you have never been to a K&R workshop before. Upcoming Event Alert: Kids & Race Part 2, April 21st in Ballard!

Kids & Race Children’s Curriculum

Accompanying most of our Part One and Part Two presentations, the Children’s Curriculum breaks down core concepts at an age-appropriate level. In one breakout session, kids learn that it is OK to notice and talk about different colors of skin, eye shape, or types of hair, and that one color, shape, or type is not better than another. In another, they read stories about being “upstanders” rather than bystanders and playact situations where they can stand up for kids who are being bullied. At the end of the workshop they are presented with a “license to act” and come away feeling empowered to help others.

Private Presentations from Jasen Frelot

Jasen is available to speak at your workplace on topics surrounding race. Some of the presentations he’s given in the past have been to hospitals about the role of race in patient care, at art museums about race and narratives, and at several PTA organizations about race and education. No matter the topic, Jasen brings his sense of humor and compassion to the presentations so that participants leave presentations feeling empowered to act.

If you’re wondering whether race is a topic relevant to your workplace, the answer is yes! Contact Kids and Race today if you would like to book.